Reveal 1.3.7

The latest and greatest Reveal is out! With Reveal 1.3.7, you can find slides faster than ever before. The last few releases have resolved over 60 (!) bugs from previous versions and Reveal now includes a ‘dark mode’ by default to enable better visual focus on your slides:


There’s also a new look to the helper, which is the app that does the slide indexing and processing. You can enter a search right in the menu bar and jump into Reveal right away.

Screenshot 2017-06-14 15.54.51.png

Reveal is still in public beta, and the latest version extends the public beta into July 2017. So download it and give it a spin!

Search FOR slides by searching WITH slides: Drag-and-drop a file or folder to search for related content

Generally, search interfaces are all the same.  You have a text box and you type in stuff.  The “stuff” gets matched to records in a database, the records get scored, and you get back some answers, typically in a list.

With Reveal 1.2.2, you can “Search Different.”  You can drag a PowerPoint file into Reveal and search by that entire file.  The results you get back are variations of slides within that file—the entire file is used as input to the search engine.


You can also drag an entire folder into Reveal.  When you do this, Reveal will show you all the slides contained within that folder, letting you instantly see the actual slide contents of the folder, not just a list of files.

Speaking of lists, that’s the other thing that’s different about Reveal.  When you do a search, you get a visual result of your slide results, organized by how they are related—slides are grouped into stacks when they are very similar, and stacks are organized by how visually similar they are.  That’s a lot more exciting than a list, and it means you can find the exact slides you need faster than ever before.

Reveal is in public beta and is free to try today.

Reveal 1.2.0 (Public Beta; free until March 31)

Just released today, Reveal 1.2.0 is the newest public beta, free for use until March 31st. This release improves efficiency when interacting with cloud file sync apps such as Dropbox or Google Drive; this release also fixes several bugs, and improves usability.

Reveal is the best way to find and compare Keynote and PowerPoint slides.  You can search by keywords, such as newco competition, and immediately see previews of the slides—not just a list of files that may contain the desired slides.  When you are working on a deck in PowerPoint or Keynote, you can see all the versions of every slide in that deck with just one easy click in Reveal:


Bug fixes and tweaks in this release include preference window issues, minor user interface adjustments, and filename confusion in the comparison window when decks have the same name (but are in different folders).  Read the full release notes.

You can grab the download here.  Send feedback to—I especially want to hear from you if you want a Windows version, or a version for teams.