Saving time: Find what you need now

We’ve all been there–it’s 4 pm and someone emails you with a last-minute request for a presentation–for tomorrow morning. “No problem,” you think.  “I’ve got some slides from another presentation, I’ll just use those.”

Except now you can’t find them. Or you found the older version but not the newer one. Or maybe it’s in some folder you forgot about. Maybe you remember sending it as an attachment to a colleague. You can look through your email for it.

Before you know it, it’s 6 pm and the long, long night is looming in front of you. You quickly put your slides together with what you’ve found. They’re good, but you still wish you could have found those earlier slides.


Bit Lasso Reveal gives you those hours back. Simple to install and use, Reveal searches your computer for your PowerPoint (and Keynote!) slides. Type in your search: part of a title, file name, or a date, and within 2 seconds, you will have a set of results. This alone saves time, but the way Reveal shows your slides, neatly in stacks of similar slides, makes it even easier to find what you need.

Nearly everyone who has used Reveal has said in one form or another, “I wanted to try Reveal because every time I want to go find a slide, I spend 30 minutes opening and closing decks.”

Now that you can quickly pick out the slides from the search results, Reveal goes even further by letting you compare similar slides over in the comparison pane. It’s easy to see where changes have been made, and what those changes are. Find what you want, click on “Open slide” and there’s the slide you want, in PowerPoint, ready to be copied to your new deck.  It’s that easy.

Time spent searching for slides can now be spent updating and modifying your decks, which is what you wanted in the first place.  Or maybe you can get home on time.